Gottlieb t Freitag

Simon Gene Gottlieb


Software is not everything, but it is a lot more fun!

Who am I?

One always believes it is easier if others answer this for you. But, this is my stage, so I have to and will give it a go, and tell you who I am.

I am born in Hamburg/Germany and grown up in a small town near it. My naïve young wanted to live in a big city, so I ended up Berlin. After some traveling as a student it turns out there are much bigger cities in the world!

Already as a teenager I was highly interested in Computer I thought myself QBasic on MS-Dos. Later I also programmed some apps for the Casio Pocketviewer PV-S460 (PDA with black&white screen). As a good, young and healthy teenager I really wanted to write video games, who doesn’t? Some old Videos can be seen on my Youtube Account 1.

After finishing school I served 9 months civilian service as an alternative for the military service that was compulsory in Germany.

I enrolled at the Freie Universität Berlin (FU Berlin) where I joined the FUmanoids2. FUmanoids is a project about autonomous robots that play soccer. On Youtube I have videos of very experimental software I wrote1. I implemented and wrote a bachelor thesis about filtering sensors with the help of the extended kalman filter3.

Writting a bachelor thesis was so much fun, I decided to also write a master thesis after taking some advanced algorithms courses for bioinformaticians. If you are ever on the search for efficient search schemes, maybe take a look at my thesis The Search - Searching for efficient Search Schemes4.

Who have I worked with?


  1. Youtube Account SGSSGene

  2. FUmanoids

  3. My bachelor thesis Erweiterter Kalman-Filter zur Orientierungsabschätzung von humanoiden Robotern

  4. My master thesis The Search - Searching for efficient Search Schemes

  5. Benefitmedia

  6. Autonomos GmbH

  7. TomTom

  8. Freie Universität Berlin

  9. Hanson Robotics