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Lutz Freitag


Coding, tinkering and plenty of love for robots

Minified Vita

I grew up and have ever lived in Berlin. I guess that is where my heart belongs.

After finishing school I studied computer science at Freie Universität Berlin (FU Berlin) where I did my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. While studying I joined the robot soccer team FUmanoids1. With that I’ve fulfilled my inner child’s dream of playing with working on robots. The FUmanoids project allowed me to touch a wider field of robotics than just dry computer science. This was where I finally fell in love with the whole enchilada from hardware to high level software and everything in between.

Professionally I had plenty of jobs as a student: I worked for Hella Aglaia2, Autonomos GmbH3 (now part of TomTom4), Freie Universität Berlin5 and Hanson Robotics6.

The very next day after I handed my master’s thesis7 in, I started as fulltime research associate at FU Berlin5 where I spent a year until transitioning back to the commercial sector of software development™. At iris GmbH8 I was part of the RnD department. To keep myself even busier – and to work on robots again – I later side-job-freelanced for Hanson Robotics6.


In my playtime I enjoy coding (I actually do!), to which I usually refer to as recreational C++ (origin). My tinkering is not limited to playing with C++ but with other languages (mostly python actually) and hardware projects as well.

My main computer related interests are:

Professional Tinkering

My professional work mostly revolves around the design and implementation of embedded software. I’ve developed Linux drivers to interface custom cameras as well as drivers to operate heterogeneous processors (i.e., controlling SHARC9 cores from Linux running on an ARM) and drivers for customized memory allocation. In my robot related professional tinkering I’ve build a motion engine. That is a very sophisticated control architecture for arbitrary articulated rigid body systems with an inverse kinematics solver that can handle arbitrary arrangements of tasks (hierarchies of tasks, unions of tasks, conflicting tasks and those things), no restrictions on the type of robot (even loopy kinematics) and a very fancy user interface. And it’s pretty easy to use.


Things that I enjoy which are not related to technology are: Traveling (to see places), eating (to taste places) and reading (to imagine places).
Oh, and I love cycling.

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